srsmodule4u - Airbag Module Reset & Seat Belt Repair Service
                   Airbag Module Reset 
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We will remove Crash Data from 

 your airbag module and make your 

 module as good as new. After 

 airbags deployed your SRS module 

 stored crash data and module need 

 to be reset/reprogrammed. During 

 the reset process we simply clear 

 any codes present in airbag control 

 module, all other data left 

 intact,therefore, an additional trip  

 to dealership in most cases can be 

 avoided. Once you have replaced 

 all bad air bag components that 

 activated during accident, and 

 your module have been reset you 

 can re-install your module to clear 

 your airbag light. 
                    Seat Belt Repair Seat Belt Repair and Module Reset We repair your locked/deployed

 seat belts to work like new.

We use OEM parts to repair your 

 seat belt to factory specification.

During repair we replace igniters

 that are used to move pistons that

 tension the seat belt. After we 

 repair your seat belt it will work 

 like new. 100% Guarantee. 

Seat belt repair service available
 for all vehicles from 1996 to 2017. 

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